Thursday, November 4, 2010

More fleece...better pictures?

From the inspiration of Michelle and her new camera, I thought I would.....maybe read the manual for mine?
The last blog I did was of several fleeces and I was not happy with the way the colors turned out. I was thinking it was probably the lighting and others confirmed that was probably it. So I kept thinking I would take some picture outside. Well, that has not happened and I was getting antsy to get a blog post done again. So I did a little reading and I think I may have learned a little, with a long way to go.

Hopefully, these fleeces will look closer to the real colors

Hosta a white Icelandic lamb

These next two are both of Hazel, but they look different from each other. Now if I could just remember which one was what setting!

Hazel a moorit Icelandic lamb

Hazel a moorit Icelandic lamb

Black Icelandic lamb

Evra a three year old black badgerface Icelandic ewe

Let me know if you think the colors look better.
I also found a small basket (thanks, Terri for the suggestion) that I think the fleeces look pretty good in.
Now that I got all the fall fleeces skirted it is time to figure out what I am going to do with them. But they are for sale first and for most, so if anyone is interested please email me at

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I think those photos look GREAT! Yeah, I still need to read the manual for mine....