Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skirting fleeces

The Sunday before we left for our wonderful vacation I took most of the sheep and goats to be sheared. I had planned on doing it myself but time was getting away from me. The shearer, Danny, did a great job. And he made it looks SO easy.
This is the first fall fleeces I have really skirted. It is amazing how much cleaner and easier they are to skirt! The spring fleeces where full of tiny bits of hay and to pick all that out of each fleece was really discouraging me from this fiber venture. But, wow! These fleeces are soooo clean!
Here are a some of the fleeces that I have skirted the last couple of evenings.

Agatha is a white angora doeling. It already looks like it has been washed! It is so clean.

Shetland ram lamb. Lots of crimp and very soft.

Shetland ram lamb. Don't know why it looks so yellow. Guess I need to play with my camera and flash a little bit. This is a nice soft, clean fleece.

Shetland ram lamb. He is the smallest of the three, but has great crimp to his fiber. It is 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inchs long. Very clean.

Evra's ram lamb is a black bandgerface Icelandic. (Really should think of a name for him). If you clip on the photo it will enlarge and you can see the coloration of his fiber. Very cool. Very soft and very clean.

Herriot is a black gray Icelandic ram lamb. His fleece is silky soft and very clean.

These fleeces are all currently for sale as raw fleeces. If anyone is interested in any please email me.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully I will get some more fleece skirted this weekend as well.

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