Saturday, August 27, 2011


I usually am on the wrong side up luck. But today we went to an auction and I was very lucky!! I wanted to buy three different things they were offering at this auction and I had a set budget.

I stayed in my budget AND got the three things!! Unbelievable!! I should have went and bought a lottery ticket!

The first thing I bid on were 5 welded wire horse panels.
They are a little mis-shaped, but nothing major. I plan to cut them into more manageable pieces and have my husband weld them onto some angle frames so they are sturdier. Great buy!

The next thing I bought was two mineral feeders.
 I am hoping these will work better than what I am using now. They are fairly light weight so they should be easy to move when I move the flock. I will try it with a small amount of mineral at first to make sure that they will keep out the weather. Another great buy!!

The last thing I bought is a Billy Goat Gruff head gate!!
It has the stand to put it on but no ramp up to it or at the other end. Those should be easy enough to build (Love you honey!!) It also has a hole in the floor that will need attention. Probably will just replace the floor.
The front of the head gate has a piece that I am not sure what it is used for.
I am just not sure what that square thing is for. Can anyone help me out?

I am so excited to get all this stuff!! I plan on mounting the head gate to a small trailer I have so I can move it around to the paddocks as needed. Will build a ramp up to the trailer (very short trailer) and then a ramp up to the chute. The welded wire horse panels (after they are made into smaller panels) will be used to make a catch pen leading up to the ramp and chute. And the panels will be able to go onto the trailer for easy moving! Can't wait to get it all set up! This is going to make thing soooo much easier!

I will try to get lots of pictures of the whole process.

:) Can't hardly sit still!  :)