Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spoiled dogs, Beautiful sunsets, the angoras

Yep, our dogs are very spoiled. They sofa is theirs. Usually it is the two brown dogs, Haley and Bella that are on the sofa and Sammie is asleep by the door, but this night Sammie wanted in on the soft sofa.

Kansas has some beautiful sun sets. Many more than I ever capture on film!

Here is Agatha, she was born last spring and is still my wild child. Not sure she will ever mellow out. But she is very pretty and has the softest fiber!





All of the angora does are bred to Rufus this year. I don't have a current picture of him because he left for another farm shortly after he finished his job here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Icelandic Sheep

Here are some recent pictures of the Icelandic sheep I bought this summer. I am so excited for lambing to begin. Even though I only bred the two older ewes. I let the four young ones have one more year to grow and mature before I breed them.

Hank, a yearling ram out of Evra.

Herriot, an yearling ram. He was suppose to be my flock sire but his horns are not growing as wide as I would like. I have bred him to Evra this year and will see how the lambs turn out. I wonder if his horn set has anything to do with the stress of weaning and moving in the heat of the summer.

Hattie, a yearling ewe. She is doesn't like her photo taken. This is the best one I could get of her. She is not very friendly yet.

This is Evra, a four year old ewe. She is bred to Herriot. And Heidi, Evra's ewe lamb from last year. Heidi and Hattie are of the same mind set that mom's are better than humans. I hope once Evra and Garnett have their lambs this spring that the two yearlings will become a little more friendly.

Hazel, a yearling ewe lamb. She has the sweetest personality. She always comes up for a little scratching on the way the dinner.

Hosta, a yearling ewe. She was very skittish when she first came but she is very friendly now. And she has the cutest expressions!

Garnet, a two year old ewe. She is bred to Hank. I can't wait to see what colors I get from this combination.

Hosta and Hazel getting a little treat for being so sweet girls.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A week ago.......and today

So I am a little late in getting pictures up from our 'blizzard'. So here it goes.
The east side of our house. Good thing we don't use the 'front' door.

Took some shoveling to get my car out. Truck isn't 4 wheel drive so it is useless in the snow.

Couple of the angora does plowing through the deep snow.

The ram lambs from last spring.

Sammie finally had enough and was ready to come inside.

Boy, did that snow blow!!!

Darn red-wing black birds hoggin' all the bird seed!

And here is what it looks like this afternoon! Yep, more blowing snow!
But the horses don't seem to mind at all. I think they are well insulated!

Legend, the chestnut on the left; Max, the grey (my awesome trail horse) in the center; Admiral, the bay on the right; and Nubie, the bay behind the hay feeder.

Barach, Rob's awesome palomino. He is by himself because he would eat two bales of hay in one day if he had free choice like the other 4 geldings. And he is very prone to be over weight.

My two elderly horses. Agape, the bay mare on the left is thirty this year. And Sky, the grey gelding on the right is 28 this year. Sky was my very first horse. I bought him when he was a two year old. I learned so much on this horse and he has taught soooo many students to ride. Both Agape and Sky are retired now.

It is bitterly cold out also. 3 degrees at 4 pm!
But it looks like this weekend is going to be in the 50's!!
Can't wait!
Stay warm everyone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

finished projects

I have been able to get a lot of knitting projects finished the last couple of weeks and I thought I would share them with everyone.
My step daughter is expecting her first baby and I decided to make some things. The great thing about making baby stuff is, is that is very rewarding. The projects usually get finished quickly. There is one project I am making for the baby that is taking forever to complete. I am thinking I will have close to 40 hours of knitting in it, but it will definitely keep him warm! I will post pictures when it is completed.

little hats

Are these the cutest little booties!!

Small washclothes are always handy.

My other finished project are the socks I did for the on-line knit along (KAL). I have learned so much about knitting from this KAL! It is free and anyone can do it. It lasts until July with a new project each month. Click here to find out more information.

These are my first toe up socks and am still learning to be consistant in my stitches. So after I finished the first sock I knew they would be too big for me and I was going to find a worthy home for them when I finished the second one, but, as you can see from the second photo, they are not a matched pair! So sad. So now I will be wearing them! With all the mistakes as a reminder. They are toasty!