Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A week ago.......and today

So I am a little late in getting pictures up from our 'blizzard'. So here it goes.
The east side of our house. Good thing we don't use the 'front' door.

Took some shoveling to get my car out. Truck isn't 4 wheel drive so it is useless in the snow.

Couple of the angora does plowing through the deep snow.

The ram lambs from last spring.

Sammie finally had enough and was ready to come inside.

Boy, did that snow blow!!!

Darn red-wing black birds hoggin' all the bird seed!

And here is what it looks like this afternoon! Yep, more blowing snow!
But the horses don't seem to mind at all. I think they are well insulated!

Legend, the chestnut on the left; Max, the grey (my awesome trail horse) in the center; Admiral, the bay on the right; and Nubie, the bay behind the hay feeder.

Barach, Rob's awesome palomino. He is by himself because he would eat two bales of hay in one day if he had free choice like the other 4 geldings. And he is very prone to be over weight.

My two elderly horses. Agape, the bay mare on the left is thirty this year. And Sky, the grey gelding on the right is 28 this year. Sky was my very first horse. I bought him when he was a two year old. I learned so much on this horse and he has taught soooo many students to ride. Both Agape and Sky are retired now.

It is bitterly cold out also. 3 degrees at 4 pm!
But it looks like this weekend is going to be in the 50's!!
Can't wait!
Stay warm everyone!


  1. Those kinds of temperature swings can be SO hard on animals! I don't envy you and yours!

  2. We have Icelandic sheep and they really don't seem to care if there is snow or not. They still await their hay ready to chow down. The horses look like they have the same attitued. So where is my grain? Love the snow pics. Stay warm.

  3. Nice! The Icelandics look just about like mine out there in the snow! I am so glad I picked this breed!
    The horses are great! Someday I'll have a herd! For now I have to be happy with one horse and one donkey!
    I think hubby is going to insist on getting cows before I get any more horses (or more sheep, other than what we get at lambing time, for that matter!)