Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spoiled dogs, Beautiful sunsets, the angoras

Yep, our dogs are very spoiled. They sofa is theirs. Usually it is the two brown dogs, Haley and Bella that are on the sofa and Sammie is asleep by the door, but this night Sammie wanted in on the soft sofa.

Kansas has some beautiful sun sets. Many more than I ever capture on film!

Here is Agatha, she was born last spring and is still my wild child. Not sure she will ever mellow out. But she is very pretty and has the softest fiber!





All of the angora does are bred to Rufus this year. I don't have a current picture of him because he left for another farm shortly after he finished his job here.


  1. I love the goat faces. They look so sweet. Yep, I know about spoiled dogs. They deserve it.

  2. Nice goats. If we ever branch out from Icelandics, I will definately consider angoras.