Sunday, March 6, 2011

First of the babies!

We had a very nice surprise this afternoon!

They where born about 1 o'clock this afternoon. The mother is Agatha, my wild child! These are Agatha's first kids. I had planned on leaving her open because she was only born last year, so she is still very young! But, boy, has she been a fantastic mother!! She cleaned them both off quickly and stood quietly while they tried to find the food source.

Of course, she is the only angora goat that I had not sheared yet so the poor babies where trying to nurse on fleece! So I was able to catch her and give her a quick trim job. Not complete, but enough the babies will have an easier time of finding their next meal.

I am happy to report they both have had several small meals and are pretty cozy in their sweaters under the heat lamp. I was afraid that the sweaters where going to be too small, but they seem to be doing there job.

Oh my, I almost forgot to mention.....

Twin Doelings!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it! First time mom produced twin doelings!! I am so excited! I hope this is a peak into the future for the other 8 momma's tobe.

And their names? Well, one of them will be named Brenda, after a friend of mine, in fact her birthday is today!! I haven't come up with a second name yet. It must start with the letter B.

Better go check on them. :)


  1. Oh, very cute! Ba, Ba Babs! Their is one doeling that talks her head off while she is looking for something to eat! That would be a very good fit. Thanks Michelle!

  2. How sweet your babies are. Congratulations, Marie!

  3. Thanks Heidi and Brenda! Guess I missed your posts. Been busy, busy, busy around here lately.