Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Icelandic lambs are all here!!

I came home a little early from work yesterday and both Evra and Garnet were in labor! Nothing like sharing the pain.
Evra lambed first and had twins. A ram lamb (weighing 7lbs 10oz) and a ewe lamb (weighing 7lbs 10oz)

This is Evra's the ewe lamb, Biscotti. I think she is a grey moorit or maybe just a grey.

This is Evra's ram lamb, Brizben. I think he is a black badgerface.

This is Garnet's ram lamb, Budster. I think he is also a black badgerface.
Budster? Yep.... Look at those horn buds!! Poor mama!!
I ended up having to help Garnet with him. And he is sporting the stylish sweater because he was very chilled when I went to check on him a little later in the evening. I brought him into the house and wrapped him in a blanket and then wrapped a heating pad around him and then held him while he warmed up. He seems to be doing just fine now, but I will wait to take the sweater off until the weather gets a little better. It is a very damp cold right now.

So, now all that is left are the Sheltand ewes!


  1. Beautiful lambs. I hope we have a few more ewe lambs this year. Ours are due in April. Hopefulls this snow will be gone by then.

  2. Thanks Kelly. I was hoping for a couple ewes, but I have four yearling ewes that I will be breeding next fall and with 6 out of 7 does from the angoras I am pretty happy. I can't wait to see everyone elses lambs!

  3. Congratulations, Marie! Your babies look so sweet...I can harxly stand the wait for mine to come! I see a couple of pink backsides, so maybe soon.
    I sent in my article and am expecting it to be in the spring issue!
    Again, congrats!