Icelandic fleece for sale

Fleece prices as of January 2012
Adult Icelandic $16.00 a pound or $1.00 an ounce
Lamb Icelandic $20.00 a pound or $1.25 an ounce

Hazel, a moorit  Icelandic adult ewe. This fleece has some many different shades of brown. From creamy oatmeal to medium dark brown and everything in between. The tog varies in length up to 11 inches. The thel is much shorter at abut 2 1/2 inches. Total skirted weight is 46 ounces. Price is $46.00

Hettie, a black Icelandic adult ewe. This fleece has a lot of silvering to it (but not as much as the first picture portrays). This fleece is not as soft so would be more suitable for something NOT next to the skin. Tog is 4-5 inches long with thel 3-4 inches long. Total skirted weight 17 ounces. Price is $17.00

Ursula, a moorit gray Icelandic adult ewe. Lots of thel with many shades of brown and gray through out the fleece. Tog is 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches long and thel is 3 inches long. A lovely fleece. Total skirted weight is 34 ounces. Price $34.00  SOLD

Tag # 20, a black badgarface Icelandic/Shetland cross ram lamb. This fleece is also very similar to Shetland. Nice crimp and a wide range of colors, from a light cream color to dark fibers, and some varying shades of gray though out. Will make a very interesting yarn! Total skirted weight is 25 ounces. Price $31.50.  SOLD

Marshmellow, a moorit gray Icelandic lamb fleece. A lovely, soft fleece. Very light beige with a little light grey in it as well. Tog is 5-7 inches and the thel is 3- 3 1/2 inches. 25 ounces, Price $31.50. SOLD

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