Monday, November 28, 2011

Abby's fall fleece

I think Abby has the best fleece on the farm. She is a red Angora goat. The luster of it is just amazing. When I was washing it yesterday I thought maybe this fleece would not have that luster like last year's. But once it dried, WOW!! It just glows!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Washed kid mohair

I just LOVE kid fleeces! They have such beautiful luster and oh, so soft! I could go for a bed made from kid fleeces. :)

I have both white and black (the grey) kid fleeces available for sell.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jones and his 'girls'

Jones, a yearling red Angora Buck

Abby, a red Angora doe

Matilda, a black Angora doe

Cedar, a black Angora doe

Agatha, a yearling white Angora doe

Angora kids fall fleeces

Here is a listing of the kids born this spring and what they looked like before I sheared them.
Their mohair is so incredibly soft!! I hate to sell any! But they are all for sale.



Baxtar on the right. Turned away.







Saturday, November 12, 2011

Solomon and his 'ladies'

Solomon, a five year old black Icelandic ram. I just purchased him this fall and am very pleased with him! He has a good, respectful personality and the most incredible fleece I have ever seen! His fleece is so heavy with thel! So excited to have him on our farm!

Cookie, a yearling black mouflon Icelandic ewe. Also a new addition this fall. Nice heavy, soft fleece.

Daisy, a seven year old black spotted Icelandic ewe. Also a new addition this fall. She is a very nice ewe with wonderful fleece! 

Here is Daisy's fleece!! Looks almost like Merino! It is a little short, I should not have sheard her, but was not thinking. Next year I won't shear her in the fall and see what her spring fleece looks like.

Cocoa, a two year old moorit Icelandic ewe. Also a new addition this fall. Gorgous fleece on her.

Ursula, five year old moorit, grey Icelandic ewe. Also a new addition this fall. A very friendly ewe with very nice fleece.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hank and his 'ladies'

Hank, a yearling black badgerface Icelandic ram. He is the son of Evra and also has her wonderful fleece. He has a nice horn set and great personality.

Hosta, a yearling white Icelanidic ewe. She has the a very nice soft fleece with lots of thel. She is such a sweet girl when she is in the pasture ,but it is all I can do to get her sheared. 

Garnet, a two year old moorit Icelandic ewe.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a 'before' picture of her. She has a tight crimp to her fleece.  I just love her horn set. And so far she has past it down to her lambs.

Ellen, a three year old Shetland ewe. I had to trim some felted tips off of her. She has some incredible fiber and all her lambs have even better fiber than her. I choose not to put her with DiNozzo,the shetland ram, this year. DiNozzo is her sire as well. I had hoped that a young ram I purchased late last winter would have been usable, but he turned out to have very narrow horns.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herriot and his 'ladies'

Breeding groups have been put together, and I have finally gotten everyone sheared that I am going to shear. So here is Herriot and his group of 'ladies'

Herriot, a yearling black grey Icelandic ram. I was concerned about his horns last year, but they have turned out very nice. Not real big (which is fine), but there seems to be plenty of room between his horns and his face.

Hazel, a yearling moorit Icelandic ewe. She grows a nice heavy soft fleece. This will be her first breeding.

Hettie, a yearling black Icelandic ewe. Her fleece has a lot of crimp to it. This  is her first breeding. I hope she calms  down a little after she lambs. She is quite the wild child!

Heidi, a yearling black badgeface ewe. She has incredilble soft fleece with lots of crimp to it.  A very nice ewe, but another wild one! She was very good for me to shear her though, so that makes me happy!

Evra, a four year old black badgerface Icelandic ewe. She is the mother of Heidi and also has some incredibly soft fleece, It is not quite as long as Heidi's, but still a nice length. She is one of my favorite ewes

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to reality

We have just returned home from a week long trail ride in south central Missouri.
Here are some pictures from our trip. Now maybe I can get back into a regular blog entry! LOL!
With trying to get the horses in shape for this trip and getting sheep and goats sheared this fall time has been limited.
But, boy was it worth the hours conditioning the horses! It was beautiful!!

We went to Big Creek Trail Rides . It is about two hours east of Springfield, Missouri.

One of the beautiful river crossing. This is on the Current River.

Max and Barach (our two horses) cross tied to some beautiful lodge pole pines. This is  at the  'lunch on the trail' on Tuesday. So much fun riding out on the trail and eating lunch. They staff did a great job of getting everyone fed. And ALL the food was delicious! Will have to start the diet now.  :)

This is David and Adele, the couple we went with to the camp. 

This is Starman and Cruise, David and Adele's two horses.

The water making those little 'rapids' is all coming from an underground spring!! This is also on the Current River.

Trying to get the fall colors

A picture just doesn't show how beautiful the colors were.

This is our camp site. With David and Adele enjoying the warm fire on  a cool foggy morning.

Our sleeping arrangement for the week. It was great. A bed, a fan and a heater  makes a great  setup.  Needless to say we had the 'lowlyest' of camping set ups.  :)

Horses waiting at the hitching post while we look at a neat old cabin.

History of the cabin.

More history.

This cabin.

This neat old barn.

And their corn crib.

The horses waiting patiently. (Actually, I think they were praying for no more hills to climb.)

One of two eagles we say on the ride. We rode directly under this magnificent bird and he just stayed their watching us. It was one of the highlights of the whole ride!! He couldn't have been more then fifteen feet above us! 

This is a small water fall between two ponds. There were three pond right in a  row and they were spring feed. A very neat site!!

This is how the 'other' end of the riders slept!  LOL!!!

A bad picture, but I these are like 5 x 5 'cages' that are filled with rocks. have never seen anything like it before so had to get a picture.

The most unusual horses we say on our trip!

These were infront of a bank in Mountain View, Missouri.

Just so cool!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We had a wonderful time. But so glad to be home, take a shower with GOOD water pressure, sleep in my own bed and not have to put all my winter clothes on to just of potty! LOL