Friday, November 11, 2011

Hank and his 'ladies'

Hank, a yearling black badgerface Icelandic ram. He is the son of Evra and also has her wonderful fleece. He has a nice horn set and great personality.

Hosta, a yearling white Icelanidic ewe. She has the a very nice soft fleece with lots of thel. She is such a sweet girl when she is in the pasture ,but it is all I can do to get her sheared. 

Garnet, a two year old moorit Icelandic ewe.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a 'before' picture of her. She has a tight crimp to her fleece.  I just love her horn set. And so far she has past it down to her lambs.

Ellen, a three year old Shetland ewe. I had to trim some felted tips off of her. She has some incredible fiber and all her lambs have even better fiber than her. I choose not to put her with DiNozzo,the shetland ram, this year. DiNozzo is her sire as well. I had hoped that a young ram I purchased late last winter would have been usable, but he turned out to have very narrow horns.

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