Thursday, November 10, 2011

Herriot and his 'ladies'

Breeding groups have been put together, and I have finally gotten everyone sheared that I am going to shear. So here is Herriot and his group of 'ladies'

Herriot, a yearling black grey Icelandic ram. I was concerned about his horns last year, but they have turned out very nice. Not real big (which is fine), but there seems to be plenty of room between his horns and his face.

Hazel, a yearling moorit Icelandic ewe. She grows a nice heavy soft fleece. This will be her first breeding.

Hettie, a yearling black Icelandic ewe. Her fleece has a lot of crimp to it. This  is her first breeding. I hope she calms  down a little after she lambs. She is quite the wild child!

Heidi, a yearling black badgeface ewe. She has incredilble soft fleece with lots of crimp to it.  A very nice ewe, but another wild one! She was very good for me to shear her though, so that makes me happy!

Evra, a four year old black badgerface Icelandic ewe. She is the mother of Heidi and also has some incredibly soft fleece, It is not quite as long as Heidi's, but still a nice length. She is one of my favorite ewes

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