Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One week and 400 emails later!

My husband and I took a week long vacation last week. We went to Big Piney horse camp near Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. So for a week we had no cell phone service and no internet. It was wonderful!!
They provided three meals a day and as much horseback riding as you wanted. The trails where absolutely beautiful!! 

We loaded our truck and two horse trailer as full as possible. Luckily we never had to stop very fast or else we may have been injuried!
Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of us in camp. We have a tent that fits in the back of the truck, so once we got there everything in the back of the truck had to come out so we could set up the tent!

Here we are with our friends we meet down there. My husband is on the palomino, I am on the grey, and our friends are on the black and paint horse. This is just one of the river crossings we did. It is pretty shallow here but there was one river crossing where I had to really lift my feet up. The water came up to the middle of my horse's chest! And the water was pretty swift! I could feel my little horse 'drifting' down stream as we walked across.

The trails where just amazing. This was my fourth trip down there but it was still just as beautiful! The trees where starting to turn, with colors of yellow, red and orange. Lots and lots of hills, some pretty steep.
The horses did an amazing job of getting us where we wanted to go. And they where well behaved for most of the ride, I am so pleased with them!!

After a wonderful week it was very hard to come home. Well.....except for being able to sleep in our own bed. Sleeping on a futon mattress in the back of a truck leaves a lot to be desired!

Then, when I opened my email and there was over 400 emails and really wished I was back in the middle of nowhere! I still have emails to go through!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. Riding all the time and not having to cook - HEAVEN!