Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pictures, pictures, picures

I thought I would get some pictures before everyone gets sheared this Sunday.

Hazel, Evra's ewe lamb, Garnet's ewe lamb

Evra's ewe lamb


shetland wether and Garnet's ewe lamb

Evra and her ewe lamb
 Evra and her two lambs have the softest fleece! 

shetland ewe

Herriot followed by Agatha and Evra's ram lamb

  Herriot is such a gentleman. I was scratching him the other night and found a couple of cockle burs on his chest. He patiently stood there while I picked and pulled them off. His eyes where half closed the whole time, like he could fall asleep any moment.

Alan is leaving tomorrow for Goddard, Kansas, where I have a feeling he is going to be spoiled rotten! :)


Agatha is still my wild child! But does she have some beautiful fleece!

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