Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fleece, combs, and top?

I've been cleaning fleeces for the last couple of nights. Well.....let me re-phrase that.... I've been cleaning A fleece for the last couple of nights. Let me explain. Last winter when I was cleaning fleeces I used two large 15 gallon tubs with a five gallon buckets in each one and heated the water to VERY hot with a bucket heater that will boil water in a five gallon bucket with not problem. I had these tubs in our bath tub so to fill them I used a pitcher and poured water into each tub and bucket. Very time consuming!! But I was able to get very clean fleeces.
So on several groups that I am on people talk about using there washing machine to clean fleece. Fill it with hot water and soap, put the fleece in, let it soak for 20 minutes, let it spin, then take the fleece out and refill with clean water and do several rinses the same way. I tried this several nights ago. I have to admit it was much easier on my back. But once the fleece dried it still looked dirty. Just not as soft and high sheen as the ones I did last year. So after rewashing some of it again I have decided the washing machine is not the method for me!
Here is some of the double cleaned fleece. So nice and soft and shiny. :)

Can you guess what this is?
These are my new wool combs! They look kind a evil don't they. But, if I can figure out how to use them correctly and without hurting myself or anyone else, I should be able to make some nice combed top to spin with. I have played around with them the last couple of night and they are not as easy as some of those youtube videos I have seen, but hopefully the learning curve won't be too steep.


  1. I envy you those combs, but figured there's no use investing in them because I don't have time to use the tools I have!

  2. These where very reasonably priced. I bought them new off ebay from Benjamin Green Studio. I would really like a drum carder but that may be several years down the road. :)

  3. You will like your combs, they work very well with the Icelandic fleeces.

  4. I love your combs! I'm going to check out that site you mentioned. I love using combs - however, i have limited experience with them. i think you will enjoy them. Your fleece is stunning! I haven't tried the washing machine myself, the kitchen sink is our wool tub. :) wool everywhere!