Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ashford spinning wheel????

I have been searching high and low for a spinning wheel in working order of a very reasonable price. So when I checked out Craig's list and found one VERY reasonably priced AND within driving distance I pounced. But....... There are a few thing not quite right. Maybe someone out there can help me.
I checked on the Ashford sight and it is really, really close to the Traditional wheel they have. So I am thinking maybe a later model that they have since improved on?
Here are a couple of pictures.

 The lady I bought it from used it only as decoration. And it only came with one bobbin. And it is heavily varnished. It looks beautiful, I just hope it is functional.
 It seems to have the correct belt on it. And the flyer seems correct. But the difference from this one and the pictures on Ashfords web site is the bobbin brake? Not sure if that is the correct term or not. But on the website the tension for the bobbin brake is on the right side toward the front and this one has it on the left toward the back. And it did not come with the brake 'stuff'.
 When I take the the little 'knob' out that is on the left hand side it appears that there used to be a small hole in the dowel part, but it is completely filled by varnish or what ever they put on it.
 Here is the end that should have the Ashford name on it. It looks like there used to be something there but I can't make anything out now.
And on the Ashford website the screws had hex heads on them and this one has just slotted screw heads.

So, I am hoping I can figure it out and make it work. Any suggestions would be greatly appriecated!


  1. Marie - that has to be an Ashford Traditional - looks almost identical to mine. Now, mine I use as a double drive - I don't use the Scotch Tension on that one - perhaps that one was meant to be used the same way? I have two flyers for my Ashford- perhaps I can loan you the normal flyer (I use the jumbo) and you can try that out and see if it works. I'll be out of town next week, but maybe the week after we can meet in Lawrence or Topeka? I think you are close to Topeka, right?

  2. Thanks so much for the offer of your flyer. I just ordered a 'mainentance kit' for it from the Yarn Barn so I will try and get it working with that. I live about 60 miles south of KC. It takes me about an hour and a half to get to Lawernce.

  3. Marie,
    That is definitely an Ashford from the 1970s I believe. My spinning teacher has one identical to it and one of our spinners in our group has one very similar to it. It appears to be missing its brake cord, which is usually a fishing line type of cord. The "small hole filled with varnish" is where the brake line would be attached and then threaded around the end of the bobbin (in the groove on the bobbin). I suspect that the person that varnished it probably "fixed" it with different screws than the originals. Maybe it was repaired and turned into a decoration and that is why it is not like the ones on Ashford's website. Good luck! I hope that you and SWWBO can get together, it is always more helpful when someone is there to show you how things work.

  4. Marie, Your maintenance kit should fix your problem. If it doesn't e=mail me. I have the exact same wheel and you can make it work. If it has been used for decoration, then it probably needs lots of oil. Make sure you oil everything metal and if it still has the leather on it, oil that also. Your fleece is absolutely wonderful. Good luck and let me know if I can help you. You need to try to come to Fiber Christmas next year. We had vendors from 7 states and it is such a fun event.

    Jane Deason a/k/a angora jane's fiber
    Tulsa Oklahoma

  5. This is an Ashford. I had one identical to it. The knob with the little hole should have a tiny hole redrilled into it and then you thread a break band through that hole and tie it. take the free end of that string (good fishing line works - the black stuff) and it goes over the bobbin and then on the opposite side of the knob, you should have an eye screw - a small one will do, screw that in and then tie the loose end of your break band onto it. Then, to tighten the breakband, you turn the wooden knob and let the breakband wrap around it. I hope that helps. The wheel will be a pleasure for you.

  6. Hi

    Your machine is the same as my mothers. She bought it in the early 1970's but this model was released in 1965. The next one was released in 1975.
    If you go to the ashford spinning wheel website you can see a timeline of the machines.
    The spokes are different - that is the best way to tell you will see your wheel on the time line.
    The brake is different is installed as the previous comment suggests.
    When I get my maintenance kit I used the springs also (For better braking)
    One from the hook - line over the spool - attached other on opposite side - line - wrapped around bobbin tensioner.
    How this helps.
    Mel - Queensland Australia