Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think I am hooked!!

Finally got my, new to me, wheel put completely together and adjusted. Now I think I could get used to using the wheel more than the drop spindle!
After reading many posts from different groups I started slowly..... well sort of.
I just sat there and threadled for about ten minutes, just getting the feel for it. Then I tied on some plain old acrylic yarn from Wal-Mart and spun until the bobbin was almost full. That really helped me adjust the tension so the yarn would take up. And I did not have to worry about what I was really doing with my hands.

Then the test came. I put a leader yarn on the bobbin and tried to spin some on my own. The hardest part was attaching the fleece to the yarn and stopping and adding more fleece. But all in all it was pretty smooth going. Little bumps here and there but it really looks like yarn!

Now I just need to get a couple more bobbins and plied yarn here I come.



  1. WOW!! Looks great!! Good for you! I wish I could just pick it up as fast as you! Nice going.

  2. Thanks Michelle, maybe someday (way in the future) my spinning will come close to looking like yours. :)
    Sandy, Thanks. I have been doing a LOT of drop spindling and I think that has helped a bunch. Plus, everyone keeps telling me that Icelandic spins up easily.
    Going to try for some more tonight. Going to have to get some more bobbins! I only have two!

  3. Nice job! I learned on a drop spindle first and the wheel was so much easier to learn!

  4. Your yarn looks fabulous - already!