Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where does the time go

I just love this time of year. The days are getting longer and warmer. Flowers are starting to bloom. And the pastures are getting thick with grass. But it also means I don't get into the house until dark. Where does the time go! Thought I would do a quick blog and hopefully get back on track with more frequent posts.

We finally got our water line in on Thursday!! Boy it was great having water pressure! It is almost to much! My shower felt like I was in a power washer! LOL!

Here is DeNozzio before I hand sheared him last week.

Then the after shot. He was really pretty good about it. But he was not very happy about being naked! He had to prove to the merino ram and the angora buck that he was still top dog. After several head butts the merino let the little guy have his way. It is really kinda funny to watch the two of them. The merino is over twice as big as the shetland but the shetland has horns. Makes my head hurt just thinking about it!

That is all for now. Hopefully lots of pictures tomorrow and maybe even new baby pictures. Matilda (the last angora goat to kid) has a very full bag.
Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. Another great job on the shearing! I would love to come over and watch sometime. He's a handsome boy, great horns and nice thick fleece! So funny how they get all jazzed up after shearing, isn't it?

    Yay water! Can't wait to see more baby pics! Happy Springing, or something like that. :)

  2. Thanks Kim. you are more than welcome to come over but I only have part of the merino left to do. I started him a couple of days ago and he was the worst one of the bunch. Constantly moving. We do need to get together since we live so close to each other. Maybe next weekend?

  3. What nice horns on your ram! I love horned sheep. I bet you didn't know...