Friday, May 21, 2010

Icelandic's are coming!!

I am soooo excited! I put a deposit on my Icelandic sheep last week! Here are a couple of pictures of them.
Here is Evra and her two ewe lambs. She (and her lambs) are black badgeface in color. All three will be coming here. I can't wait to see them in full fleece this fall!

Here is Garnet and her ewe lamb. Garnet is moorit and the lamb is black. Look at those rich, rich colors! Mom and baby will both be coming.

And here is Harriot. A black/grey spotted ram lamb. I am hoping he matures into a very nice ram. Right now I am very pleased at how he looks. Finn is his sire from Red Brick Road Farm. He is the most beautiful Icelandic ram I have ever seen! He is white with magnifigant horns.

Terri, thank you so much for all your help! I can't wait to come pick them up!

Ok, now I need your help. The three ewe lambs do not have names yet and I am the worst when it comes to naming. They must start with an H. So, please, if you have some good H names let me know!


  1. I love the name Hannah. Others I like are Helga and Hilma (both rather Nordic, which fits). Then there are names I'm not so fond of, like Hulda, Henrietta and Hester Prynne (from The Scarlet Letter). "Happy" is a good name for a friendly one!

  2. Your new soon-to-be additions to your farm are beautiful! Love those horned ewes!! Wish I could help you with the names.. but I can't think of anything right off. I agree with Michelle, Hannah is a nice name. I'll look forward to seeing more pics when you get them to their new home :)

  3. Alright, my votes are Helga, Hilde and Hermione (yeah, I'm a Harry Potter fan). All gorgeous! Harriot is a very handsome guy... something about his gentle eyes, streamlined nose, white mouth and long curly neck & brisket wool make me think of Gandolph or Albus Dumbledore. Congrats and enjoy!

  4. Harmony, Heidi, Heather, Heloise, and my favorite - Holly.