Tuesday, May 11, 2010

shade shelters

I have been trying to come up with an easy way to create shade for my sheep and goats as I move them. I had 13 ten foot panels (heavy) that I moved everytime I moved the sheep and goats. Then I would attach a tarp on the top of one section to create shade.And since I am trying to move them every three days to help keep down the parisite load, that is alot of moving HEAVY panels. And VERY time consuming!! So I gave this challenge to my husband. Make me shade I can move easily. I needed atleast two portable shade, one for the goats and one for the sheep. So for the sheep they get the old manure spreader to get under for shade.
It is a working manure spreader that used to be horse drawn. Steel wheels and all. Since I do not have a barn it has not been used much at all so, this puts it to good use.

For the goats my husband came up with this.

It was an old hay trailer. He made the frame and welded it on to the wagon. Then he welded little spots for the pipe to fit into. We got ten foot 1/2 inche plastic pipe and bent them to fit into the frame. Then we attached the tarp. This is still a work in progress. I am thinking I want the tarp to come all the way down to the frame. But to do that the tarp needs to be 10x10. All the farm store had was 10x8. And I think white canvas would be better. Then it would look kind of like a covered wagon!

So let me know your opinions about them both. The good and the bad! Or any other ideas about portable shade that would be easy to move. These are both easy to move. We have a small tractor that works great for this type of thing.

Well, have a wonderful evening! Still waiting for one Matilda to kid!


  1. Your new shade shelters should work well! We are very thrifty here on our farm too. It's better to be creative and use what you have than constantly spend money on fancy equipment. Though, we can always wish for those things.... "if" I bought lottery tickets, sheep equipment would be one of the first things I'd buy if we won big. In the meantime, we get creative! Good job.

  2. I love your new wagon! :) Great idea. The manure spreader is waaaay cool. I was just wondering what you did for shade when I saw your recent post about moving the netting.

    I've found portable shade to be a challenge on our farm too. Last summer I raised meat chickens in a square hog panel pen that I moved to fresh grass 1 - 2 times a day. For that I used old tarps and sheets on two corners and sides to create shade for the South and West hot sun. I know, not going to help you with electric netting, right?

    Looks like you guys are on the right track with using stuff on wheels. That's really cool that your husband can weld. I agree with Terri, thrifty-creative is the best! And it's green! Literally with that manure spreader... ;)

  3. Ok, maybe this real comment will go through this time. I have been trying to post a comment for two hours now and I keep getting an error message.
    Thanks Terri! We are thrifty here, that is for sure! We have a wish list for when we win big, but I guess we have to buy a ticket first! LOL

    Thanks Kim! I have thought a bout meat chickens for a couple of years but never have done them. I too love that manure spreader. The horses that pulled it must have been very broke, it is VERY loud when it is being pulled, expecially over gravel!!!

  4. Very creative indeed. I'm sure those will work fine, but I do agree that you'll probably need covering all the way down on the frame. I can imagine critters clambering up the sides of the manure spreader/shade creator. We wanted a loafing shed for one of our pastures, but didn't have the money for any of the buildings we investigated. However, the brother-in-law welder, put together an excellent loafing shed that 15 or more goats/sheep can fit into and since it's on "skids" it's portable and can be moved around with our little tractor or a truck. Now, we did use new materials, but saved on the labor. I'm sure it could be done very inexpensively with recycled/reused stuff also and you already have the welder. I know my DW has pictures and stuff on her website. Ken and Mary of FancyFibers Farm, Texas

  5. Hey Marie,
    Do you have an old dog run? Was looking at ours today and envisioned wheels on the bottom, tarp over top and sides for shade/shelter. If you don't have one... I posted an ad in the free paper "looking for used dog run" and bought a decent 6 x 8 foot one for $80. Can also be used for catch pin prior to handling. Anyhow, the biggest challenge I find is making it manageable, not too heavy for frequent mobility. That's my last 2 cents, for now anyhow. ;)

  6. Marie,
    Those are really clever shelters! My husband is trying to learn to weld, just got the stuff for it and I think he is a bit frustrated, but I can't wait for him to learn because there is a bunch of stuff we could recycle into something useful for the critters around here!

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I am going to show this to my husband.