Friday, May 14, 2010


Matilda finally had the her kid. Yes.... only one. It looks like he should eat well! Her udder is very full. I hope she doesn't have a problem with that. I will keep a close eye on her and her udder. Well, I was hoping for twin doelings, I only got a single and it is a buckling! What is wrong with all these girls! Out of six pregnant critters only one girl out of the whole bunch. Atleast he is here and looks to be very healthy. And of course very cute!

And what would a blog post about kids be without seeing a current picture of Agatha!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Darn, I was hoping you'd get a little girl! Oh well, you should have some nice fiber wethers.

  2. What a sweetie. Sorry it's ANOTHER boy. I know how you feel! :) All the sheep and goats must be headed off to war this year!

  3. Beautiful black Curly fiber on your new little boy! And yes Agatha is getting quite photogenic. I wonder if the lack of sunlight the past year has caused the increase in boys!! I think we need a mulit-million dollar grant to find out. Hee Hee.