Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a beautiful day!!

We had the most beautiful day! Sunny, light breeze, and around 65 degrees (I think). Got a lot done today. I have been moving the sheep and goats every three days to try and stay ahead of the parisites. And today was the day to move them. I have three electic fence netting that I create two small paddock. I would like to get one more to make it a little easier. I have to let one group out and set up a new paddock and then get them back in and then do the same with the second group. Well, the shetlands decided to take a walk-about while I set their new paddock up. They usually just stay in the general area eating grass while I move things, but noooo, today they left the pasture, went though the dry lot, down to the house, up on the deck of the house, and around the pond! Luckily they are gluttons for grain. So a call for them and rattle of the grain bucket and they all come running! Wish I had a picture of that!
But here is a couple pictures of them all in there new paddocks.

I think Matilda is getting close to kidding! Here bag is soooo big and so is she!

The three shetland ram lambs. If you look closely you can see their horns coming in. And look at that crimp in their fleece!!!

Agatha, she is my wild child! I hope she settles down when I wean her. She is so funny to watch play. She can't just run anywhere or even jumb there, she has to run, jumb and twist all at the same time!!

Alex and Adian. Alex ducked down just as I took the picture. But it is a good color comparsion. I think Adian will stay darker much longer than Alex. Even though they both will have more of a silver fleece once mature.
I love their little devil horns!

I think I am getting caught up outside so maybe, maybe I can get some riding in and do a little weaving as well.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!


  1. Yesterday was awesome, wasn't it? I hope this week will be the same!

    Your ram lambs are looking awefully handsome. Are they all spoken for? I'll have to see how mine develop, but I might be interested in a possible trade.??

    I decided early on not to invest in electric netting, but I've since wondered if I should have. Do you have any problem with tall grass or weeds reducing or shorting out your circuit? Do you use solar cell battery or traditional? We have some additional acreage that I'd like to have my sheep work some weed control, but don't know if I want to go the traditional fencing route with it.

  2. I love your new header photo!

  3. Kim, I really like the electric netting. It does loss voltage with grass but as long as you get a charger that can handle it it works really good. I like to be able to move them to where I want them to fertilze and weed eat. And moving them so often should cut down on the amount of wormer I will need to use this year.
    We will have to talk about a trade. That would be awesome!
    Michelle, thanks! Just love that picture. I might have to have it framed! Not sure I will ever get another one that good. Still hard for me to take my camera everywhere with me and get those moments.