Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is it too cold for a swim?

Well, apparently Sammie thought it was warm enough for a swim. Or at least a soak. She has not blown her coat yet so she gets pretty hot. That cold pond water must feel pretty good!!
She is the only Great Pyrenees that I have ever had that likes the water. The only time she ever really swims is if she can stop swimming and her toes can still touch the bottom.
Hailey was waiting for her to come out of the pond so she can play some more. Wouldn't you think a lab mix would want to go swimming too? Maybe when she gets older and it is warmer outside.
And this is where we all run back into the house before Sammie runs over to us and shakes all that water off!
She did this about 7pm tonight. And once the sun went down the tempature really dropped. When she came in at 8:30 she was shivering a little.
Luckily she dries off fairly quickly and doesn't smell like pond water!

Hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow!!!


  1. Great shot of her in the water with the sun going down. What a cutie! She could be Brim's sister. Where did you get her from? AND, my Pyr definitely doesn't go past his knees into our pond, even when it's 100 degrees outside! :)

  2. Thanks Kim, we have been trying to get a picture of her in the pond for a while, but she usually gets out as soon as we open the door to the house. She was a Christmas present from my husband. He got her nearby somewhere, can't remember where now.