Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, busy day!

Wow!! Today was a very productive day! And it was beautiful outside which is an added bonus!
I was able to the get so much done today. Below is a picture of our walk way up to our house and on either side are flower gardens. I was able to get them both weeded along with the north side of our house where the hostas are weeded as well. Still have a ton of weed pulling to do but now I can walk to the house and smile instead of saying " I have GOT to get to them tomorrow!"  Makes me so happy to have clean flower beds. Now just waiting for more flowers to bloom.
Someday the walk way and the garden edges will be stone. Right now this serve the us well.
The only flower in bloom right now! I just love it!
My poor little cabbage and broccoli plants I forgot to plant for three days. They were in the back seat of the car! Hopefully they will make a come back.
I planted this bed last weekend with lettuce, radishes and beets. So far only the radishes are showing tiny leaves.
My tiny blueberry bushes I planted last spring. The bunnies had fun nibbling on them this winter so now berries from them this year! At least they are coming back! But I will pick off all of the blooms so it can get a little stronger and bigger. (again)
I also moved the shetland ewes and lambs and angora does and kids. Moving their eletric netting can be a challenge. I usually let them run loose while I do it and them raddle a can of grain and they all come running back to their new home for the week. I was suprised that they all came so easily today. This was the first time for the two 'wild' angoras does. But all came for that feed bucket. Here are a couple of pictures of them in their new paddocks.

Sweet little Agatha!
The twin shetland ram lambs.
The angoras with their movable shade.
The best thing I did today was ride Max. I have not ridden him for almost a year. The end of April last year I ripped my ACL in my knee and had surgery for it in June. Then it was November before I got the ok to ride again. That is about when winter stuck this year and never let up! I had ridden one of my other horse's this past couple of months because I need to get him in shape to sell. I had told my self I was not going to ride Max until I had Admiral sold (pictures of him later this week) Well I could not stand it and rode him today. He was fantastic!!! After not being ridden for almost a year, I saddled him and rode away from the house on a long rein like we had been doing it for months! Rode about 45 minutes and he was great! I just love riding him! ( Can't tell can you :))  Sorry no pitures of our ride.

Ok, one last picture. This kind of explains how busy the  whole day was. This is Hailey. I think she might be a little bit tired. LOL
Have a wonderful day!!!

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