Tuesday, April 6, 2010

couple intros and the newest shetland ram lamb

 Finally got batteries for the camera so here are pictures I took tonight.      Here is Agatha with her mom Cedar. I have not gotten Cedar sheared yet.

Here is a really good picture of Agatha. Isn't she the sweetest thing. She will be staying at the farm.
The new shetland ram lamb doesn't like his picture taken. This is the best one I could get tonight. He kept hiding behind his mom!
Matilda feels much better today after her hair cut. With tempertures in the 80's today she was nice and cool. I have the collar on her so I can tell the difference between her and Cedar. They look almost identical in full fleece.
Here is Adian. He will be moving to Iowa after he is weaned. It will be hard to see him leave but just can't keep them all.
And Alex. He will miss Adian when he leaves. They have such fun running around the paddock together picking on their mom's.
Well that is all for tonight. I need to shut the computer down, we have a severe thunderstrom heading our way. I was hoping it was going to miss us so we could stay nice and dry. Ahhhhh.... spring in Kansas!


  1. I love your angoras! So beautiful, and tempting!