Monday, March 29, 2010

Some of the horses

My first passion is for horses. They are my true love. Ever since I can remember I wanted a horse. Well my first horse was Sky. He is an Arabian gelding that is now 27 years old. I bought him when he was 2. He taught me so much and he also taught so many people to learn to ride. I gave lessons on him for over fifteen years and he was always a willing partner that knew the skill of the rider. He is retired now.

WOW!!! I don't have any pictures of him on my computer!!  I know what I am doing this weekend!!

Agape is a 29 year old half Arabian mare that also gave a lot of kids riding lessons. She is retired with Sky.

Then there is Rob's horse Barach. He is an 12 year old half Arabian gelding. We showed him for a couple years in western pleasure but now he is a trail horse. And a really nice one.

Ok.... I did not prepare for this blog. None of his pictures are scanned into the computer either!!

Max is my pride and joy. He is an11 year old Arabian gelding. I bred his mother and raised from a foal. He was a stallion until 3 years ago. I have shown him in halter but never under saddle. He is now my trail horse and still has a lot to learn. He has been the most trainable horse I have ever had. He is so much fun to ride!! He is the horse I am riding in my profile picture.
Well I have three other horses but I know I don't have any pictures of them in my computer. So that is all for now.
I am hoping for another beautiful day tomorrow!!

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