Saturday, March 27, 2010

First blog!!

Hi everyone! This is my first attempt of writing on this blog. So I thought I would just give a brief description of what I plan to do with this blog. And some introductions to some of the animals on the farm.

I started my adventure with fiber about a year ago when I brought home some colored angora goats and some shetland sheep. I originally brought them home because their owner was moving to California and wanted them to go to a good home. I had been taking care of these animals for a couple of years and just loved them! Now that they are here I have become more and more involved in everything fiber! is more like I am addicted to it! I have started to weave, crochet and spin fiber! So alot of this blog will be showing what all I have done. And will include items I have for sale including weaving projects, fiber products, and animals.

Ok, on to introductions!

Here is Sammie. Our Great Pyreness. She really is not our flock gaurdian dog, but our whole house gaurdian dog. She really likes to sleep on the bed with the humans if it is cool enough inside. She is very spoiled!! But who couldn't love those big dark eyes! She is also the farm supervisor and very good at her job.

Here are Abby and Ziva. Abby is the faded red angora and Ziva is the black angora. They are both friendly and like to be scratched under the chin.

These are the first two born at Kansas Fiber Farm. They are both angora bucklings. Alex, the one in the the yellow sweater is Abby's kid. And Adian, the one in the blue sweater is Ziva's kid. Alex will be staying at the farm and will be the companion for the herd buck. Adian will be going to a new home. He will be for sale after he is weaned. A deposit can be placed on him to hold him until weaning.

Well that is it for now! If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know!

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