Sunday, March 28, 2010

More introductions!

On to more introductons....

Here is Hailey. She was dumped on our property in February and I just did not have the heart to take her to the animal shelter. She is turning out to be a very good girl.

Here is our shetland ram DiNozzio. He has wonderful crimpy fleece that he passes alot to his offspring and I just love his horns!
Here is our angora buck Rufus. We purchased him in October and he was bred to Abby and Ziva. He is Alex and Adian's sire. He really produces the mohair.
Here are a couple of wethers that where born last year before they came to my farm. They are both offspring of DiNozzio.
And here is Agatha. She was born March 18,2010. Her mother is a black angora named Cedar that I bought last November. Her sire was a white angora buck. She will be staying on the farm.
That is all for now. Many more to come. Need to take some more pictures of them all.
Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!


  1. Looks like you have a wonderful assortment of fiber animals! Can't wait to hear about your horse(s), too, since we have horses and I love to ride.

  2. I will try and get a couple introduced tonight. Horses are my first passion and will always have one. I have 7 right now. :)

  3. So much fun to see your animals! I'm looking forward to reading your blog.