Friday, June 4, 2010

What am I? Good weed or bad weed?

As you all know I have been moving my sheep and goats about every three days (trying anyway). They LOVE moving to new areas but I have noticed that  they are leaving a particular plant consistantly in all the areas. It looks like a clover but they are not interested in it until everything else is gone and that is all that is left. I have not 'forced' them to eat it but if anyone knows what this might be and if it is good of bad let me know, please.
This is a picture of them as a group. The leaves are much smaller than both the red clover and the white clover in the pasture.

Here is an up close picture of the plant and it's tiny yellow flower and very small leaves.

Any thoughts? I live in east central Kansas if that helps any.
My next plan is to go to a plant identifiing web site but I have always had trouble with that.

Thanks a bunch everyone for looking!!


  1. We have that, too, and I do think it's a type of clover, but I'm not sure and hope someone else does.

  2. Hey Marie,

    It looks to be a type of clover called Black Medick. Here's a good website w/specs. I googled Black Medick images, and there were several pics that looked like yours. It says on Wikipedia that it can be made into honey. :)

  3. Yep, I think your right Kim. I really looked at the leaves and flowers and compared them to pictures on-line. There are several other plants that are very similiar. Guess I will leave it alone for now and just keep an eye on it that it does not start to choke out the plants the sheep LIKE to eat.

  4. I would think if it was clover, your animals would be eating it. My first thought was lespedeza. I searched & found there is a Chinese form that is a noxious weed. Check out these links:

    National Park Service

    Invasive Plants