Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First to leave the nest (well farm)

Well Adian is going to his new home tomorrow. It will be so sad without him here. He is going to Iowa to grow up and be a daddy to Nigora goats. His fiber is REALLY nice. He has turned out to a very nice buckling. Thank you Gayle! And thank you Brenda!

Here is Alex. He also is turning out to be very nice. His face doesn't have as much fiber on it as Adian and his upper throat area is also smooth. This would be a fault if I tried to register him. Ideally you want fiber all the way up to the jaw and some on the face. Some angoras have so much on thier faces that they can have difficulty seeing. I kind of like them with a little less on their faces. Alex will be wethered in the next couple of weeks. He may be offered for sale to the right person. He has personality plus.

Here is Alan. He will be offered for sale. He has the same sire (Rufus) as Alex and Adian.

The last three pictures are of the shetland ram lambs. They are all offered for sale. They would make really nice fiber wethers. They all have nice soft, crimpy fiber.
If anyone is interested in either the angora goats or the shetland lambs please e-mail me.

Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. Congrats on the sale. Your sheep and goats are beautiful!

  2. Congrats on your first sale!

    Have you wethered your lambs already? I'm struggling to make my final decisions today on which boys to wether, if not all of them. Several of them have beautiful structure and wool, but there is just so much ram lamb competition out there this year!