Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ram shearing

Well, it has begun. I have started to shear the rams. WOW! Guess I really didn't  stop and think how many rams I had!
Started shearing in February. 4 Shetland rams had a date to go to freezer camp so they were sheared first. It was unseasonable warm for March here in Kansas so I wasn't too worried about them getting chilled. Should have known that would change as soon as I sheared them! 4 days after I sheared we had the lowest temperatures all winter. So they went into the horse trailer with a heat lamp on them. With plenty of hay to eat and the heat lamp, I don't think they even realized it was 5 degrees!

The next group weren't rams but my three wethers. Oh what beautiful fleeces they have! And since they are four years old this year they kinda knew the routine and stayed nice and calm.

This week the temperatures have been in the mid to upper 70's all week! So started on the young rams (born last year) Most of these are destine to freezer camp next fall, but a few will be staying and will be getting a breeding group next fall.

This is Budster, an Icelandic ram, he will be getting a breeding group next fall. He has nice fleece and a meaty conformation. And a great personality to go with it. He is out of my ewe Garnet and by Hank, the ram that broke his leg this winter. I am so pleased this young guy has turned out so nicely.

This Icelandic ram has an incredible soft fleece, dense with thel. Unfortunately I forgot to get a before picture of him I sheared him. He has a very wide horn set and a fairly calm personality.

This is Skor, an Icelandic ram, he has wonderful fleece with lots of thel. With a nice set of horns on him. And a nice personality.

There are seven other young rams that need to be sheared, along with a Merino ram, a Shetland ram and 2 older Icelandic rams. Then three Angora bucks.

So that makes a total of 24 'boys'!! 
Ok, so 4 have already gone to freezer camp, six more are going this fall, one Angora buck will be for sale this spring, and one older Icelandic ram will be returning to his home this fall. Soooo, only 12 'boys' will be remaining. And three of those are wethers. So really only 9 'boys' Oh, my, when I put it in writing like that it still looks like a lot!! Better do some more 'thinning'!!

Going to get shearing done first!


  1. ok that's the count on the boys, how many girls (ewes) and have you already done them? Nice looking bunch. My Shetlands 12 ewes and 3 rams are due to be sheared on April 1at along with 12 Angora goats. Anogras are already kidding, Shetlands aren't due to lamb until mid May.

  2. I can't believe this post is here. After I finished typing it blogger locked up and I could not get it to do anything. I think I hit every button on the page! LOL! I am so glad it actually posted.

    Tombstone Livestock, the 'girl' count is 28. Haven't started shearing them yet. All should start lambing and kidding starting Tuesday. 5 angora does and 13 Icelandic and shetland ewes.