Saturday, January 1, 2011

Inside, outside, or flash

I took some pictures of some light grey mohair that I have recently washed. I wanted to really be able to show true colors when people ask for pictures of my fleeces so I took three pictures to try and compare which looks like the real thing.
 This first picture is taken outside in afternoon sun. It really shows the natural luster of the mohair.

 This second picture is taken inside with a flash. It almost makes the mohair look like polished silver.

And, yes, this third picture is the same mohair as the other two pictures. It looks so much darker. This picture was taken inside without a flash while the second picture was taken with a flash.

I think the third picture actually shows the true color of the mohair. But then I think there will be a difference on how it appears on other computer monitors. So it is so hard to REALLY tell the true color until it is in your hands.

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  1. lovely, lovely, lovely mohair! I like your first picture best -smile-.