Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beautiful things


 What a beautiful progression on the sunrise the other morning and I was so lucky to be able to watch it!

 Sammie believes snow is the most beautiful thing and really wishes it would snow in Kansas more often.

 Hosta and Hazel coming up for some scratches. Two of my beautiful Icelandic sheep.

Ok, maybe not beautiful, but I just finished these warm mittens!

Beautiful sunset after a beautiful winter day.


  1. Very nice. So you did get some snow after all. Your sheep are so sweet. Are you ready for shearing this spring?

  2. Finally got about 4 inches last Monday. Luckily not enough to make driving difficult in my car. Oh yes I am ready for some spring fleeces! I have been working very hard to feed them so everyone's fleece stays hay free. And, knock on wood, I have been successful. I ended up selling all of my fall Icelandic fleeces, only have the 'trash' to play with. It really is not trash, just stuff I did not think should be sold with the clean fleeces. Needs a little more cleaning and picking. I am also ready for lambing and kidding to begin. Another 2 months to go. :)