Saturday, January 12, 2013

100 likes on facebook

As some of you may know I also have a facebook farm page. It is getting very close to having 100 'likes'!
I have seen lots of other pages give stuff away when they reach a milestone, 100 likes, 200 likes 1000 likes!
So I have decided to give something away once I hit 100 likes.
Here is the general idea that I posted on facebook:

I will be having a drawing once Kansas Fiber Farm facebook page reaches 100 likes. I will be giving away a skein (or two) of yarn OR a pair of mittens. It will be the winner's choice. I will be hand spinning the yarn from a combination of Shetland, Icelandic, and Mohair. All raised on the farm. I will be taking you through the whole process of preparing and washing the fiber, carding the fiber, spinning and plying the fiber, and knitting the mittens. This is going to be soooo fun!!

I know some of you may not be on facebook and have not desire to be on facebook. Which I totally respect! But I would like you offer this give away to you as well!! So, if you will respond to THIS blog post I will include you in the drawing.

Here are the fleeces I will be using:

21.3 ounces of white mohair

6.3 ounces of light Shetland

15 ounces of black Shetland

21.3 ounces of black Icelandic

For anyone interested in 'liking' my facebook farm page you can click here.

This IS going to be a lot of fun and I think a lot of people that follow my facebook page that just like the sheep and goat pictures will have quite an eye opener as to the process it take to get handspun yarns.

Don't forget to comment here so I can enter you in the drawing as well!!


  1. Replies
    1. Michelle, you are added. Thank you!!

  2. I do the same process as you do for washing the fleece. But I do it in my kitchen sink. I am sure that it takes me much longer because I wash little bits as a time. Good idea to bag it and put it on the spin cycle. Yes, please enter me.

    1. Shiralyn, you are added. Thank you!!