Sunday, December 9, 2012

Plying class

Last Saturday I attended a plying class at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence Kansas.
I learned so much!! I went with three friends and we had a wonderful time!
This yarn has several different techniques in it. Core spinning and two different types of tail spinning. I just love the effect this they all had! And this yarn is so fun!! And so ACTIVE!

The red was a single that was a thick and thin and then the darker color was added to it. I liked making the thick and thin, but adding the darker color was suppose to have a much different effect. I just could not get that technique down.
And one of my favorite was cable. Even though I had taken a class in making cable yarn before, this just reinforced my love of making this type of yarn. It just takes so much time to do.

Something else we worked on was Navajo plying. This was something I really wanted to learn and had watched many videos on you-tube, but just never grasped the concept before. But I think I got it this time!! 

Then a trip to a fiber store is never complete with out coming home with something to play with!! 
Merino roving!! Isn't it beautiful! I am going to ply it (just a simple 3 ply yarn) with some gray alpaca I am spinning.

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