Thursday, December 6, 2012

It just never ends

There is always something that needs to be done.

Lately I have been trying to get some permanent fencing up to make it easier to use my electro netting for the sheep and goats.
So here is the general idea. I am building permanent 7 strand high tensile wire fencing that is 164 feet apart. This way I can put up my elecro netting between the high tensile fencing instead of using all electro netting to build the paddocks. Since I tried to move them at least every three days (preferably every day) moving all that electro netting was getting very time consuming.
My husband helped me set all the end posts and put the braces in, but I have pretty much done the rest. He has been working incredibly long hours at work and just has not had time to help. But, I don't mind, well, not too much. Would have gone SOOO much faster with someone else.
So ten acres is almost completed. I was able to get two of the high tensile fencing done so that I could get the breeding groups together about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Much later than I wanted to get them together. I usually try and get them in the last weekend in October. But I was able to 9 electro netting fencing to make a total of nine separate paddocks. I left an empty paddock between breeding groups and all has worked out great! I was able to move each group into a fresh paddock last weekend and it took about 10 minutes total!

Still have a few line posts to get into the ground this weekend and the third high tensile fence will be complete. I still have a few odd short places that need to be finished and one more longer section and that ten acres will be completely done!!
We also set some posts along a heavily wooded area and ran high tensile on two sides and then used the skid loader to 'clear a path' for me to put up some more electo netting. Not sure that we will put the high tensile on the other two sides though. We have the goats in there now to try and clean up the brush so we can actually use it. But I think the plan (at least right now) is once the goats get it all cleared up is to only put them in there to maintain it and have some trails and maybe some benches in there. Guess we will see.

Here is a picture of some of the high tensile fence that I moved. Yes, there was already high tensile fencing there, but, of course, it was in the wrong spots. This tree actually grew around the wire! THAT won't happen  with this 'new' fence because it has about 8000 volts on it! To keep predators out and sheep in!

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