Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All the pretty colors

With the exceptional drought we had this summer I did not think we would have a very colorful fall.

But, I was so wrong!! It was beautiful!!

 These picture were taken with the camera on my phone so they aren't the best, but you can see the colors!!

These are three of my horses. Sky, the gray on the left, is 29 years old this year. Agape, the bay in the middle, is 31 years old this year. And Legend, the chestnut on the right is only 13 years old.
This is the view from our back deck. It was just stunning this year.

And the ewe flock was all ready to be moved onto the next paddock. Just love these sheep!


  1. Good to see you survived the drought, Marie!

  2. We survived the summer, unfortunately the drought continues. But I am so thankful that the temperatures are cooler.