Friday, September 21, 2012

Angora goats for sale

A really tough decision had to be made. Most of my lovely angora goats will be for sale. Not because I don't like them and not because there is anything wrong with them, but because Kansas has been in an official drought since May. But rain fall has been pretty slim since last fall. And even though the remnants of Hurricane Isaac gave us some much needed rain, we are still over 14 inches below normal for the year.

And to add to that my hay guy called me this morning and left me a message saying that he raised his price per small square bale by $2.00. He had already raised it 50 cents earlier in the year. With this raise it is 50% higher than it was last winter. Unfortunately I don't have a large barn to store a years worth of hay, so I am dependent on a hay supplier.

The pastures have greened up since Isaac, but the ground is drying up quickly again and no really rain in the foreseeable future. So with a very heavy heart I will be selling most of my angora goats. I will be keeping one buck and four does and will not be breeding any of them this fall.

I hope to get some of them sheared this weekend, so will have fleece sample available and will get some pictures "naked". If you have any questions, please let me know. You can email me at

This is Cody. His sire is Jones (a buck from Indian Springs Farm, ISF 1012) and his dam is FRF Cedar (Fae Ridge Farm). Cody has some wonderful markings! Really not sure what his pattern is. Built nice and solid and a nice set of horns on him as well. His fleece is wonderful, very uniform with nice tight locks. He is very parasite resistant and has never needed to be dewormed.  Sorry, I am taking him off the list, he will be staying here and will become a fiber wether.
 This is Cicso, a red buck. His sire is also Jones and his dam is Abby (ISF 0704). I just love this color! This is the color I am really breeding for. Nicely built. His fleece is a little more open that Cody's, but still very uniform.
He is also a little more friendly than Cody.
This is Carmella. Her sire is also Jones and her dam is Agatha. She is the lightest peach color and she has a dense, silky,uniform fleece. Carmella is one that I had planned on keeping, I just love her color and her fleece. Her dam is not a registered angora and is a color carrying white. Her dam has a clean face and sheds out her throat fiber every summer.
On Reserve
This is Charlotte. Her sire is also Jones (ISF1012) and her dam is Abby (ISF 0704) She is a beautiful red. Charlotte is also one that I had planned on keeping. She has a nice fleece with a little more open lock. A nice doeling.
This is FRF Cedar. A 2003 doe. Her sire is KSF Hawkens 319 and her dam is FRF Carley Rose 05. She is a solid black. Her fleece is not as uniform or as fine as her kids. She is a wonderful mother, but is not friendly.
Have decided at her age she deserves to stay here and not have the stress of going to a new place.
 This is Clover. Her sire is Jones (ISF 1012) and her dam is FRF Cedar. She has some incredible fleece! Very fine and uniform. Unusual markings that I am told is called sable. A lovely doeling.
On Reserve
This is SUF Matilda, a 2005 solid black doe. Her sire is FRF Sampson and her dam is SLM Heather. She is not registered, but there is recording of some of her lineage. She has been an excellent mother. Her fleece is more wavy than locks, not as fine as her kids.
On Reserve
This is Coral. Her sire is Jones (ISF 1012) and her dam is SUF Matilda. She also has the unusual markings like Clover. Nice tight, fine locks. A stunning looking doeling. Since her mother isn't registered she won't be either unless she is inspected. I don't think she would have any problem passing inspection!
On Reserve                                                                          

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  1. Oh, Marie, I'm so sorry you have to sell them. I'll have to think about maybe buying a couple of doelings from you. They are lovely!