Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad Dog!!!

We have had Hailey for about a year and a half. She was dumped as a puppy on our property.

Well........ If she wasn't so darn cute, she would be finding a new home!!

Not really, but she really crossed the line last night!

So a little history first. She was a very hard puppy to house break compared to the Great Prynees I have always had. We would crate her when ever we weren't with her and take her out often, but she just could not get the idea she was suppose to ALWAYS go potty outside!  Finally after about 4 months she figured it out. So slowly she was allowed to have a little more freedom in the house when we were not there, just like our other two dogs. It worked pretty good until one day we came home and she had the cushions off the couch with two of them with big holes in them!! Well, that ended the all day freedom!!

Then we gave into those poor little puppy dog eyes and let her stay out of the crate during the night IF she had a lot of time outside that evening. Well, again, that went good for while until the voices started in her little brain again. 'chew me, chew me'  And the couch was the victim again! Not so bad this time, but still! I was not planning on buying a new couch any time soon!

So now she sleeps in her crate and spends the days we are at work in her crate (if it is too hot or too cold for her to be outside). And most of the time when we are home she is outside with us. But it has been so hot lately I don't want the dogs out when I am moving the sheep and goats electric netting. They just get too hot and then they go swimming in the pond to cool off and then want back into the house! So the solution to not having wet dogs in the house was to not let them get so hot in the first place.

So last night I left the dogs in the house while I tended to the sheep and goats. All three loose in the house.
This is part of what I came back to!!!

All my hard work!! She even eat through my Addi Turbo circular needles!! Bad dog!!! Bad dog!!!

I am so upset about this! It has been such a challenge for me the last couple of months to get any knitting done! These where the last of the KAL with Michelle Hunter at Knit Purl Hunter. I could have gotten two pairs of little footies out of the yarn.

Bad dog
Bad dog.........


  1. Oh, that is a VERY lucky dog to still be alive! Hot or not, I think I'd banish her to outside-dog status PERMANENTLY.

  2. Oh that is too bad. So much hard work gone in a matter of doggy seconds. Guess she is not ready for parole yet. :)

  3. There will be no parole for her again. My knitting was in a box wedged in between my chair and a small table. It should not have been tempting at all.

    Michelle, I don't think she is bright enough to survive outside. All last winter she would stand at the door and shiver while the other dogs got in the dog houses to keep warm.

    Good thing she is cute......