Friday, June 17, 2011

Harder than it looks!

I had some time the other day to sit and take some pictures of the sheep in goats. I see all these wonderful pictures others post on their blogs and websites and WOW!! Getting really good pictures is much harder than I ever thought it would be. So your stuck with my mediocre pictures of some of the sheep and goats.

This is Biscotti, a grey morrit icelandic ewe lamb out of Evra and by Herriot. She has little bity scurs which was a real surprise since both mom and dad have nice big horns.

 This is Brizben, a black badgerface icelandic ram lamb. He is a twin to Biscotti so he is also out of Evra and by Herriot. He looks like he will have nice wide set horns and his fleece is really nice with lots of crimp.

This is my little Batman. He still has a rough go of it sometimes when he gets stressed, but he interacts with the rest of the herd and they all seem to know he is kind of a 'special needs' child. His fleece is incredible!

This is Hettie a yearling black icelandic ewe. She is a very alert ewe and is really tough to catch, even it a small pen, to check her eye lids and get her feet trimmed. Her fleece is coming in good and so far is staying fairly dark.

This is a ram lamb that is out of Kate, a shetland, and by Herriot, an icelandic. The cross was not planned, but the out come produced two very nice lambs! His horns are nice and he is a coal black.

This is Heidi, a yearling black badgarface icelandic ewe. She looks just like her mother Evra. I sometimes have to look twice to make sure which one I am looking at!! Very nice ewe, can't wait to see what she produces next year.

This is Hosta, a yearling white icelandic ewe. She has some incredible fleece and is very friendly.

This is Budster, a black badgerface icelandic ram lamb. He is still living up to his name! He has an impressive set of horns and a huge amount of fleece that is very soft. He is out of Garnet and by Hank. Nice, nice ram.

This is Hazel, a yearling moorit icelandic ewe. She has really grown into a nice ewe. I think she will be the largest of the ewes when she is full grown. She has a nice heavy fleece that has a lot of character to it.

This is Bahli, a black shetland ewe lamb out of Ester, by Cocoa. She is a very curious little ewe. When I am feeding Batman his bottle she always comes up and visits. I can't touch her but she stands there looking at me like she understands every word I am saying.

Here is Baxter, a black angora buckling.  He is turning out to be a nice buckling and should make someone a nice herd sire or and incredible fiber wether!!


  1. Yep, I take dozens, if not hundreds, of photos to get a few keepers for the blog, so I know what you mean!

  2. The pics look fine to me! All mine want to do is either eat or walk up close to the camera to investigate. Batman is so sweet!

  3. Those Icelandic horn genetics can be so unpredictable! I would think that Biscotti would throw some nicely horned lambs for you though. Love those wide horns of Hettie. She she out of Garnet?

  4. Oh, Michelle, you have such wonderful photos on your blog!

    Thanks Tammy, Batman IS a very sweet boy.

    Terri, yes Hettie is out of Garnet.

  5. Your pictures are great. I was out trying to take pics last night myself and remembered I shouldn't try that at dinner time. Most all of them would not raise their heads, not until the lil guy ran up behind them.. then the picture was of them running. sigh. You did great. :) Your sheep are beautiful!