Friday, August 6, 2010

New to me loom

I was very lucking a couple of weeks ago. I was checking Craig's list for a loom and came across one that was being offered for FREE! They had pictures of it and it was in pieces and looked pretty rough. But I sent him an e-mail asking if he still had it. He replied that someone was coming to look at it. Darn it. I told him if they decided not to take it I would definitely take it sight unseen. I figured even if it was not all there we would be well on our way to making one that works. So after several days, and me thinking the other people took it, I recieved another e-mail from him saying the people where a no show and if I was still interested in it. Silly question! Of course I was interested in it!

So last Sunday we went and picked it up. It came out of the Kansas City Museum. It had no documentation with it and nowhere on it does it have any name or symbol. But it was all mine!! I had no idea how to put it together or even if it was all there. But once we got it home and started looking at it, it was really fairly simple to put together.

So now I have a nice heavy duty 4 harness loom that I can make my rugs with! This is wonderful!!

You can see the other loom I have been using on the side of this one, this one just dwarfs that one!
This one has some things on it I will need to learn a little bit more about and it is missing one treadle which should be no big deal to replace.

Now I need to clean up the big box of heddles that came with it and put them in the harnesses, replace the treadle, replace a couple of bolts, buy a reed and I am ready to thread the loom! Any guesses how long it will take me to thread it the first time? I am already planning my first project on it. I am thinking log cabin rugs. That is what I was making on the other one until I decided that loom just was not heavy enough to take the abuse of making rugs.

I can see lots of long winter nights working away on my 'new to me' loom!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. That is so awesome!!! I can't wait to see your weaving. Loom envy, here! I have no loom...

  2. I saw that posting too and thought, wow what a jigsaw puzzle. It looks like an antique! So cool!

  3. What a find! I wonder where she's been... I love antiques, especially functional ones!

  4. On the rear-right-corner, I see a cord attached to some-kinda-rod that might be attached to a pawl which catches the cogs of the wheel attached to the warp-beam. That is about as close as you are to providing the necessities!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lou, I was not sure if I should try and extend that rod so it reaches the front of the loom or if I should try and use that the cord in someway and pull it to release the brake. And on the front cloth beam it has a pawl(?) on it but no way to advance the beam. Not sure what to do there.
    Thanks for the comment!

  6. LOG-CABIN is a ' GREAT CHOICE ', coarse we may be considered somewhat biased, since we designed & built our-own, just to put our 9 looms in, HA!!! It is not too clear, but that is what we are do'n there in the pics we sent, try a 'LOG-END-ACCENT-STRIPE' like you see there!!!!!!!

  7. Apparently Leesburg has something you could check-on, but I have tried to show how we handled our own solutions ( my stubborn-German-ways )HA!!!!

  8. Thanks Lou! I think I got it figured out (Finally!!). I would love to see some of your work. You should do some blog enties. :)

  9. SORRY!!!!!!!!!! Just-git'n-back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad things worked-out-for-y'all, please-keep-informed!!!!

    Take-a-look @ our-attempt on Rugtalk, a yahoo-group, PHOTO ALBUM # 64, FROM ' APILE-OF-PARTS-TO-WEAV'N ', and our next # 63, FROM " OUR CHERRY-WOOD-TO-WEAV'N ", & give us a word or 2, and WE-WILL-THANK-YOU-KINDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!