Thursday, August 19, 2010

My first try at plying yarn

I started using the drop spindle in December or January. I used mohair from my angora goats. One was Abby, she is a light brown color, and the other was Ziva, she is black but her fiber is more dark grey. Once I was finished spinning the fiber on my drop spindle I had to figure out how to store what I made. Being the 'thrifty' (I like that better than 'cheap') person that I am I used empty toilet paper rolls to put my finished single onto. So I had these two 'spools' of mohair singles I had no idea what I was going to do with. So they sat in a box for months. And then I decided I wanted to make a plied yarn with them. So still being the 'thrifty' person I had to figure out a way for the singles to come off of their 'spools' smoothly and without getting tangled. I came up with this:
It is amazing what you can do with butter knives and a small card board box!!
So I started plying, I have a little book that I learned to use the drop spindle with and it had a small section on plying.
The biggest problem I had was I had made my yarn pretty chunky (or thick) so when I plied them together the resulting yarn was pretty thick and I had a hard time keeping the yarn secure on the spindle. But in the end I got it done.
I don't know if I did it the correct way or even if the resulting yarn is usable for anything, but boy was it incredibly satisfying to see it done!
So the next step was to get the plied yarn off of my spindle so I can spin something else. And we are back to 'thirtiness'. Using the same cardboard box, I put the drop spindle in it so it would turn freely while I removed the yarn.
And then the final product! Well there is still a matter of washing it to set the twist, but I have not done that yet. It is going to be hard to take it off the chair. Not because it is on there tight  or anything like that, it will be hard to take it off because I just LOVE walking by it and rubbing my hands all over it! It is so soft!!!
It ended up making only 23 yards of yarn, so I really don't know what I am going to do with it. I have a couple of ideas in my head but you'll have to wait and see if decide to anything but 'pet' it. :)

Have a wonderful evening! And if you have any ideas of what I can with 23 yards let me know.


  1. I think your first plied yarn is beautiful! Don't know what you can make with it, but I think it would serve a worthy purposed washed and twisted up into a display skein and placed in a pretty bowl or basket on your table!

  2. You just made worsted weight yarn! Thicker yarn is easier to crochet as you can count the loops better. The plied yarn would make a lovely winter scarf. That's about all I can crochet. :)

  3. I love all of your "thriftiness". You go girl!!!

  4. Michelle, I like your idea of a display skein! I think that is what I will do with it.

    Kim, I had a lady's granddaughter can it being 'green'. I kind of like that term. Ha!

  5. Hi Marie,
    I was the same way about my first efforts with natural dyeing. That was 4 years ago & I still keep baskets of yarns on display so that I can enjoy the eye candy & pet them when I want.

    Some ideas if you want to make something with your 23 yards - wrist warmers? headband? bracelet? necklace? pouch to hold special treasures? cell phone case (what a collision of two worlds, huh!)

    I enjoy your blog & seeing the wonderful photos & hearing about your "thrifty" solutions.