Sunday, July 11, 2010

They're here! They're here!!!

My Icelandic sheep are finally here! They are settling in pretty good. So here they are!!
Evra a three year old black badger face ewe.

Evra's ewe lamb, also a black badger face.

Evra's ram lamb, also a black badgerface.

Garnet a year old morrit ewe.

Garnet's black ewe lamb.

This is Herriot a grey ram lamb. He will hopefully be our herd sire for a couple of years. (notice he is NOT eating the ragweed!)

Hazel is a morrit ewe lamb.

And last, but definetily not least! Hosta a white ewe lamb.

I am SOOO excited to have them all home. They are going to be a great addition to my flock!!

Have a great evening!!


  1. They look good, and yes, I miss them! I hope they do well for you! We enjoyed meeting you and your husband.

  2. What beauties! Congratulations on your new additions... so exciting! They have beautiful wool. I saw the breeder's website, and she has a gorgeous flock.

    What's up with the ragweed snootiness? :) One of my wethers LOVES the stuff, but hey, everyone has their favorites, right? I have one that loves sunflower leaves, even when they're sort of hairy and sticky! Go figure.

  3. Thanks Kim! Please come over and see them! Maybe I should 'rent' your wether to eat my ragweed! ha!
    Terri, we enjoyed our visit with you as well!

  4. Ohhh, I like Hazel. Beautiful rusty brown wool.

  5. Hi Marie-

    I saw a couple of your posts on the ISBONA group and I thought I'd say hi. I'm a newcomer to Icelandic sheep as well. Your flock is wonderful! So much color variation! Good luck with them.

    I spin, knit and needlefelt. I have a small 4 harness table loom but don't use it. I would love a big floor loom like yours to weave blankets with. That would be great.

    My blog has nothing about sheep on it yet but there is some fiber-related stuff there if you're interested.

    Take care and good luck-
    Angie in WA

  6. Hi Angie,
    Great to meet new people. I looked at your blog and your needle felting is wonderful!! And I am going to try some of those recipes you have on there. Always looking for something new. I did not get to your esty store yet, how do you like that?