Saturday, July 7, 2012

A fiber day!

Went to a spinning class in Lawrence at The Yarn Barn. It was a class on creating your own designer yarns. Learned, or tried to learn, the difference in spinning worsted, semi-worsted, and woolen yarns. Had a fantastic class! The teacher was wonderful and the other students were so good! And everyone created a different kind of yarn. Mine wasn't really anything that special, except I did some blending on the drum carder with different colors and am thrilled with the results!

Here is my finished yarn still on the bobbin.

I have some fun fibers to play with from the class also! Look at this variety!

This is a card of some little samples of spinning we did. The first one is just what we 'usually' spin at home. The second had to be something that we normally don't spin. The third was using the modified long draw. And the fourth was doing the long draw. The long draw was the worst for me. That is going to take some practice!!

And, since I was already at the yarn store......... I thought I would pick up a couple of skeins of yarn to start my pillow for the KAL (knit along) with Knit Purl Hunter.

Now to get some more fleeces skirted and to start on the this awesome pillow!!

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